Peaceful working and opportunities for genial relaxation make the Hovedkontoret coworking space a mecca for freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies. With us, you get fast WiFi in an inviting space, good chairs, a nice kitchen, communal lunch and the chance to absorb the island atmosphere of Skrova.

Hovedkontoret can be best described as an unpretentious and intimate coworking community located on the second floor of a building with soul. Previously it has served as a boarding school, local school, and kindergarten. Space for around 10 people spread over 80 square meters.

Free seating, private office, or treatment room

Here you can rent a flexible space in the common area or use one of our two closed offices.

We can also arrange a space for a chiropracter, masseur, or other alternative therapist who would like a client space in the midst of the sea.


Hovedkontoret er et perfekt sted for en retreat med teamet! Team building,  workshops, prosjektarbeid, teammøte, brainstorming, oppstartsmøte eller kurs/undervisning.  

Collectively, the space provides the following.

Conference room 1:
Large kitchen with table for 6-8.

Conference room 2:
Meeting room / common area with conference table for 8-10.

Both the rooms have large, wall-mounted TVs for projection screens.  

Sofa and desk space for three people in addition to the meeting table.

Two smaller offices which can be used by small groups of 2-3.

Snacks like cake, fruit, etc. can be ordered during booking. 

Call Rita at 905 85716 or send inquiries

Wondering about something?

Do you have any questions on coworking, office space, accomodation, or Skrova? We are happy to help you!