Enjoy Lofoten and Skrova while you work from Hovedkontoret!

Skrova is like a wireless charger in the middle of the Westfjord that mysteriously fills up your battery, just by putting your feet here. Surrounded by the sea on all sides, peace of mind and satisfaction are in the air... 

Left: Winter atmosphere on Skrova © Hilde Blom Linchausen
Right: Bathing and lunch on the beach is not unusual on Skrova © Hilde Blom Linchausen

Legendary Skrova is nearer than you think. You can leave home in the morning and park your slippers here in the evening, no matter where in Norway you start from.

The cozy coworking space on the 2nd floor of an old kindergarten is aimed at those who want to live and work for shorter or longer periods on Skrova. We combine office and living facilities and you can choose from several accommodation options on our website. The premises provide ample space for around 6-10 people and are therefore also suitable for groups or an "out of the office experience" in connection with, for example, brainstorming, startup, or project meetings.

"Workation" – a lovely combination

We can tailor the perfect stay for you and your guests. Here, experiences, activities, good food and quality service are in focus. You live in fisherman's cabins, in houses, or more fashionable rooms and suites, eat at restaurants and do what you dream of. Combine genial relaxation with incomparable peace of mind!

The blessings of island life

Research shows that the sights and sounds of nature affect us in ways that cannot be properly explained. Blood pressure is lowered and stress drains away. It may sound strange, but the limitations of island life are the greatest blessings. Everyday life is liberated from all the choices and opportunities, and you are moved into the now and what you have in front of you. The ferry leaves when it leaves, the store closes when it closes. And the sea is so infinitely large, fine, and dangerous. 

Plan your trip to Skrova

Free seating

Coworking space in an open landscape. Access to all facilities including shared lunchroom / kitchen. Fast WiFi, coffee, electricity and cleaning are included in the price.

Book accomodation on Skrova

Book accomodation on Skrova

Charming Bakkejord House on Skrova


Skrova Rorbuer

Activities in and around Skrova

Take yourself or your team along to Hovedkontoret for a day or a week; you can cast a line out during the lunch break and still have a working day left after landing the day's dinner. The cod fishery, particularly in March and April makes the sea boil around Skrova. 

Left: We swim all year round from the fantastic beachs on Skrova 
Skrova on a summer evening with Lillemolla in the background.  © Rune Lund

The autumn and winter on Skrova are calmer and allow time for reflection and thought. At the end of November, the Christmas tree is lit and we prepare for Christmas. The atmosphere is magical with amazing sunrises and sunsets to be seen. 


The restaurants are located by the harbor and offer a range from single dishes to multiple-course menus. In Skrova you can eat fish and other seafood as fresh as it gets.

During the winter season, note that opening hours are limited. From November, Fotobrygga is open Saturdays as well as weekends during the winter season. Skrovabrygga offers meals to order for groups of 12 or more. in the winter season. Check opening hours on the websites for Fotobrygga and Skrovabrygga before you go!

Work days will never seem the same again after this! 

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